Tips to maintain intimate hygiene during summer

Summer is a time for fun and frolic, but it is also a time when one should pay special attention to personal hygiene. Summer brings hot and humid weather, which is ideal for bacteria to thrive in. Intimate discomforts can be compounded by increased heat and sweat in the intimate area, which can also lead to vaginal infection. Now is a good time to be extra vigilant by following good feminine hygiene habits, which will help avoid vaginal itching, inflammation, or infection, without affecting your everyday comfort.

  • Avoid wearing tight clothing during the summer because a lot of sweat is released, resulting in a moist or wet intimate area.
  • Clean your vagina properly – Although the vagina is a self-cleaning organ, it needs extra attention during the summer, especially during menstruation, heavy vaginal discharge, pregnancy, and postpartum.
  • Stop using scented soaps, shampoos, creams, or any other scented products because they can disrupt the pH balance and cause vaginal infection.
  • You can also use Swatchshil intimate cleansing spray for daily use that ensures the basic requirements such as reducing itchiness, keeping vagina dry, and preventing from inflammation of the skin.
  • Keep the intimate area dry and airy and replace your underwear regularly.
  • Do not douche because the trapped moisture may promote the growth of bacteria and yeasts.
  • Use biodegradable or cotton sanitary napkins or tampons during menstruation. They are beneficial to your skin and aid in the relief of itching and rashes.
  • After urinating, wipe your intimate area (from front to back), especially if you’re using public toilets.
  • Avoid wearing wet clothing, such as swimsuits or sweat-soaked clothing, for extended periods of time.
  • In the summer, cotton clothing is preferable because it allows proper ventilation and keeps you cool.

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