Tips to choose undergarments during summer

Summer brings in a whole new season of fashion, complete with new trends and rules. Of course, the fundamentals remain the same—lots of warm colours with floral designs and breathable fabric—but beyond that, it’s a mystery. The bigger mystery is how to stay cool inside while remaining dry and sanitary.  Putting a little more thought into your bra and panty might potentially save you from being a stinking mess on a hot day. If you’re undecided about which underwear to buy, here are some suggestions for refreshing your lingerie collection this summer.

Go to fabric of summer- Cotton:

  • It keeps you cool and hygienic all day, doesn’t cause rashes, and doesn’t allow sweat to pool in uncomfortable places.
  • It’s also fuss-free and super comfortable. 

Neutral colour:

  • Underwear in neutral or nude shades that closely match your skin tone is a good choice. This is something that cannot be overstated.
  • Wearing white underwear under white clothes will also not work because the bright underwear will contrast with your skin colour and shine through. 

Rock a bralette:

  • Bralettes are typically made of breathable fabrics, such as cotton, and are more comfortable to wear than bras.
  • To avoid the embarrassment of side boob spillage, choose a bralette with maximum coverage.

Less is more when it comes to panties:

  • Because of the delicate skin in the nether regions, these are the areas that are most vulnerable to rashes (away from sweat). As a result, choosing panties with less fabric, such as thongs and bikinis, is a smart option.
  • These styles help you keep your nether regions breathable and breezy so that pools of sweat don’t gather which can lead to further hygiene issues.

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