Teens – Importance of intimate hygiene

Once puberty is impaired, the body continues to cleanse the womb, resulting in menstrual cycle and white discharge on non-period days. If good grooming practices are not embraced, they can lead to embarrassing conditions such as bad odors, irritations, and infections.

  • Wash regularly: Add an intimate cleansing spray product in your daily bath rituals. You can start off with a mild, natural product such as the swatchshil intimate cleansing spray. If you exercise and sweat or go for swimming, you can wash off later with an intimate cleansing spray product to avoid irritations.
  • Using the right product: soaps, deodorants, talcum powders are not good for intimate area they cause the pH imbalance! Intimate spray is specifically made for fragile and delicate skin around the intimate area. Swatchshil intimate Cleansing Spray is a soap-free and alcohol-free solution with a pH of 3.7± 0.5, which is ideal for the female intimate area.
  • Keep dry: wear cotton underwear, even though those lacy garments appear to be very luxurious. Involve panty liners in the routines to make sure they are changed at frequent intervals. Wet build-up is harmful for the vagina. Keep dry yourself and say bye to various infections!
  • Maintain proper hygiene in periods: Do not use fabric/cloth during periods time. Tampons, vaginal cups and pads are great during times of period, change your sanitary pad in appropriate intervals (every 4-5 hours).
  • Manage your pubic hair: A complete fringe could be the cause for increased bacterial infection. Although maintaining your pubic hair or not is a personal decision, make sure you maintain a healthy atmosphere at intimate area. It is advisable to cut it to an appropriate amount.