Precautions to take while choosing intimate wash / Intimate Cleansing spray

There are multiple varieties of intimate washes/cleansing products available in the market. Many times, we get confused to choose the right one. Here are the tips that can help you select the best intimate wash / best intimate cleansing spray for you.

Should balance vaginal pH

Look for a feminine wash that can balance the vaginal pH. A Woman’s vaginal pH is acidic between 3.8-4.5 on the pH scale. NEVER use soap down there. The pH of soap is at least 5.5 or more, and this will disrupt the healthy vaginal flora and aggravate the harmful bacterial growth down there.

Should treat the route cause

Select the best intimate wash / best intimate cleansing spray made of Lactic acid – this can efficiently balance the pH. There are the latest products with the formulation of Chitosan, Lactic and dissolved carbon dioxide. These intimate washes or cleansing sprays treat the root cause of infection – like controlling the harmful bacterial growth, balancing vaginal pH & repairing the detergent damaged skin.  

Say no to scented products

A great feminine wash will not contain too high fragrances, as fragrances can often lead to irritation “down there”! Choose the one with a mild fragrance.

Choose Non-Glycerine Intimate wash / Intimate Spray

Avoid a vaginal wash that contains glycerine. NO Glycerine! Glycerine is often added to vaginal washes to act as a moisturizing agent, but it is a sugar-based component that can encourage yeast. It may cause an overgrowth of yeast if you are feeding the yeast, leading to chronic yeast infections.

Say no to alcohol intimate cleansing spray

Choose the intimate wash or intimate cleansing spray that doesn’t contain alcohol. Alcohol irritates the skin, and you may feel a burning sensation down there.

6. Check for the paraben-free intimate wash or intimate cleansing spray. The side effects of long-term exposure to parabens have become a cause for concern. While nearly all beauty products use some preservatives to make their products last longer, paraben-free intimate wash / intimate cleansing products may be safer to use.

Travel-Friendly Pack

Choose the product which can be used on the go and carried efficiently. Most of the best intimate washes are tedious to use because they have to be taken in hand, applied to the intimate area, and rinsed with water. The best intimate cleansing sprays are available in the market—these work like spraying it and leaving. No water is required, and these are hands-free.

If you are looking for the best intimate wash or best intimate cleansing spray, one should try Swatchshil. Swatchshil has the unique combination of Chitosan, Lactic Acid & dissolved carbon dioxide. This combination naturally promotes the self-cleansing of the vagina, effectively balances vaginal pH and reduces bacterial and fungal infections. Since it is available in spray form, it is very convenient to use and carry. Swatchshil is built with a bag on valve delivery system imported from Germany. Due to this technology, it can spray from any angle. Swatchshil is an alcohol-free intimate cleansing spray, and it doesn’t have paraben as well. Swatchshil is available on Amazon / Flipkart / Myntra, and you can also buy from

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