On the go intimate cleansing spray

Cleaning wash has to be taken in hand, add this to the target area along with water and rinse with fresh water, but spray does not need any water, it is completely hand-free. This can be extended at any time as per user convenience.

On the go benefits:

  • Intimate Cleansing Spray should be soap-free and alcohol-free solution with which can maintain pH of7± 0.5, which is ideal for the female intimate area.
  • The usage of intimate cleansing spray makes you feel fresh all the time, although this leads to stay active all day. There will be no smell in your intimate area with the use of feminine washes while travelling
  • It maintains the pH level and cleans thoroughly and maintains the vaginal flora balance. Also, prevents those intimate area to get dried and do not create warts or infections.
  • Every women should carry (Swatchshil Spray) in her gym bag, hand bag, and camping packs

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