Importance of Intimate Hygiene During Pregnancy

Intimate hygiene is an essential part of Women’s well-being. This becomes particularly important when you have a new life on board as a pregnant woman to avoid any infections that might cause difficulties. Yet intimate hygiene during pregnancy is not discussed quite often; we’re here to change that.

Pregnancy & Vaginal Health

During the pregnancy, changing the hormone levels and increased blood flow can cause excessive vaginal discharge. Healthy discharges are odourless and appear yellowish when it dry. Change in colour or odour of your discharge might indicate vaginal infection, and you should seek a gynaecologist help quickly.

Why is Hygiene Important during Pregnancy?

  • Fungal infections and yeast infections are quite common during the 2nd trimester and alter your vaginal discharge to thin, white, and odd-smelling, which may also cause itching. Such conditions occur when the vaginal pH gets imbalanced. They won’t risk your pregnancy but can be very uncomfortable. But the good news is that it can be easily managed.
  • Bacterial vaginosis is one more common vaginal infection to watch out for – this result from an imbalance of good lactobacilli and harmful bacteria. You may observe a fishy-smelling thinner than normal discharge. It could be in white, green, or grey colour and may result in itching.

How to keep Vagina Clean During Pregnancy?

Dos’ and Don’ts for intimate hygiene while you are pregnant.

  • Do use a plain unperfumed intimate wash / intimate cleansing spray at your intimate area
  • Don’t use a vaginal douche (where water is flushed up the vagina). This can wash out the good bacteria and might aggravate the risk of an infection
  • Vagina is a self-cleaning organism, no need to clean inside the vagina.
  • Don’t clean your vaginal area with regular body soaps and gels or heavily perfumed ones – this imbalance the vaginal pH and good bacteria that keep the healthy vagina making you more vulnerable to infections. This might result in irritation.
  • Clean your vagina from the vulva to the anus. This reduces the bacteria moving from anus to vulva

Using Intimate Wash during Pregnancy – Is it Safe?

Yes, if you choose the right one. The feminine wash for pregnant women should not contain strong perfumes and chemicals that might disturb the pH of the vagina and irritate your skin.

Good intimate hygiene wash should reduce bacterial infections, balance the pH of your vagina. Choose the intimate wash that is paraben-free. Nowadays, for convenience, Intimate Cleansing Sprays are also available in the market. SwatchShil is found to be the best intimate cleansing spray for pregnant women as it is very easy to use and alcohol-free. SwatchShil has an in-built bag on valve delivery system; even we tilt the bottle exact amount of spray comes out. It doesn’t require water and is absolutely hands-free. You can order SwatchShil from  or on Amazon, Flipkart, Mynta.

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