How to use intimate wash?

No one does it better than women when it comes to care. Women are experts in discovering the right home remedies and selecting the best skincare items. But what about the personal hygiene? Your intimate area’s skin is much more fragile than the rest of the body’s skin. Therefore, it necessitates special attention. The pH of our bodies and vaginal area varies as well. Did you know that the pH of a healthy vagina varies between 3.5 and 4.5? We generally use gentle soap and water, this might increase pH of vagina and triggers infections. There is no risk in using an intimate wash if we want a cleaner, healthier, and fresher feeling. 

Steps to how to use intimate wash: 

Pour a small amount of the solution into your palm and rub it together to make a lather. It should be added to the outside of the intimate area. Never use the solution on the inside of your vaginal wall. It should be gently rubbed and then rinsed with warm water. Intimate Cleaning wash has to be taken in hand, add this to the target area along with water and rinse with fresh water. Now, a lot of research and advanced products come like intimate cleansing spray. Which does not need any water, it is completely hand-free. This can be extended at any time as per user convenience.

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