How to restore your vaginal pH naturally

If you are doubtful that you have mild vaginal infections due to imbalanced vaginal pH, here are the steps that can help to restore this balance naturally. If your symptoms are more severe or they don’t go away with natural remedies, it’s essential to consult your gynaecologist. 1. Say no to Soaps and Body wash in the intimate area Most of the soaps and body washes have a pH of 5.5 or more. When you use soap in your intimate area, it imbalances the vaginal pH and triggers vaginal infections. 2. Adding more probiotics to your diet The “good” bacteria, known as lactobacilli, are rich in a healthy vagina. Lactobacilli balance the vaginal pH and fight against infections. Lactobacilli can be found in probiotic supplements and fermented foods. Lactobacilli can be taken in several ways: Orally, as a probiotic supplement Intravaginally In probiotic foods like yoghurt, curd 3. Be mindful of how you clean your vulva and vagina Though the vagina is self-cleaning, we get tempted to use does or talcum powders when we have symptoms of vaginal infections. Also, changing your sanitary napkins ( 3-4 Hours gap ), cleaning your vagina with hot water regularly, at least twice a day, can keep the vaginal infections at bay. 4. Pay attention while choosing your underwear Choosing the right underwear is essential to maintain a healthy vaginal pH. To keep your vagina healthy with a balanced pH, consider: Choose natural, breathable, absorbent fabrics, like cotton Changing your underwear regularly Going commando at night to prevent moisture build-up 5. Use barrier methods during sex As per the latest studies, increased exposure to semen can imbalance the vaginal pH and increase the risk of vaginal infections. Using a condom during intercourse may help lessen semen’s effect on vaginal flora. 6. Choose Cleansing products specially designed for intimate area It is recommended to use feminine wash/cleansing spray to balance the vaginal pH instead of regular soap or body wash. While choosing the best feminine wash, you can order Swatchshil. SwatchShil – Best Intimate cleansing spray available in the market, it is effective in reducing irritation, itching, excessive white/yellow discharge, foul odour down there. SwatchShil is travel friendly, intimate wash due to its hands-free use, and it doesn’t require water. You can grab your pack today by visiting . It is also available on Amazon / Flipkart / Myntra

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