How does an intimate cleansing spray help?

Women are more cautious about their self-care & they care for their family as well, whether it’s about finding the best home remedies or choosing the best skin or hair care products. But what about the intimate parts? Do we really care about their intimate areas as much as we do for the rest of the body parts? When was the last time you purchased a special product to take care of your intimate hygiene? If not, let’s understand how important it is to maintain intimate hygiene by using unique products made for intimate hygiene.

We generally don’t discuss intimate hygiene with our sisters or close friends like how we share the tips to care for our skin or hair. So naturally, we tend to make a big mistake by using the regular bathing soap or body wash for our body and intimate areas. Now you must be wondering why you must not use a body soap down there? A matter of fact is that skin around the intimate area is much more sensitive than the rest of the body. Hence Intimate area needs special care.

The pH level of our body and vagina varies. Healthy vaginal pH ranges from 3.8 to 4.5. Our body skin pH is around 5.5. Most of the marketed bathing soaps have a pH higher than 5. Using a regular body soap down there could interrupt the pH level of the vagina, thus leading to vaginal infections like bad odour, irritation & itching. Hence intimate areas need a special product that can balance the pH and reduce harmful bacterial growth.

What is an intimate wash / Cleansing Spray?

Many of us are unclear about an intimate wash. It is a solution specifically designed to clean the intimate areas of women. It keeps the pH levels balanced and reduces vaginal infections due to harmful bacteria & fungi. There are few intimate cleansing sprays available in the market which can also repair detergent damaged skin.

Why use an intimate wash?

Intimate washes help in balancing vaginal pH levels to keep the vagina healthy. It helps in reducing bacterial or fungal infections in the vaginal area. It also promotes the growth of good bacteria called Lactobacillus, which is essential for a healthy vagina. It leaves you feeling fresh and confident all day without making you worry. Some of these intimate washes can help lighten and repair the damaged skin, reducing the rashes and lesions.

It is highly recommended to pay attention while choosing the best intimate wash/spray—most of the best intimate washes available in the market can only balance the pH. Best intimate cleansing spray like SwatchShil has a unique combination – Chitosan, Lactic acid, dissolved carbon dioxide. SwatchShil balances the vaginal pH, reduces bacterial and fungal infections and repairs the detergent damaged skin. You can buy SwatchShil from SwatchShil is available on Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra as well.

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