What is Intimate hygiene?

Generally, we all take care of our body, hair and face, just like we have to take a proper hygiene routine. Same way one should also take care of their private parts of the body. Maintaining the hygiene at private parts of the body is known as Intimate Hygiene.

What is Vaginal Flora?

Vaginal Flora is a bacterium that lives within the vagina. Natural vaginal flora is dominated by lactobacillus bacteria, which helps maintain the vagina protected by producing lactic acid that prevents the development of bad harmful bacteria.

Do you really need to wash your vagina?

Your vagina has a sensitive pH and bacterial equilibrium, but this can be disturbed when chemicals are added into the environment. That’s why it’s a smart idea to resist heavily perfumed wipes, sprays, powders, soaps and gels when cleaning your personal places. Instead, opt for a Swatchshil intimate cleansing spray that are specially designed for your intimate area.

Why do I need a special hygiene product for taking care of my vagina?

The vagina of a woman is the most delicate part of her body. Vagina contains more bacteria than in any part of women’s body, because these are healthy bacteria called lactobacilli, which help restore an optimal pH balance of 3.5 to 4.5. If the harmony of the bacteria is interrupted, it can lead to infection and inflammation. Failure to maintain proper intimate hygiene or to use alkaline products such as daily soap (pH > 8) and water (pH > 7) can interrupt this balance. A special intimate cleansing product such as swatchshil Intimate cleansing Spray is a soap-free and alcohol-free solution that maintains a vaginal pH of 3.7±0.5, which is suitable for female intimate area. The usage of swatchshil intimate cleansing spray makes you feel fresh all the time, although this leads to stay active all day.

What is an intimate cleansing spray?

Intimate cleansing spray is a soap free and alcohol-free solution which maintains vaginal pH 3.7± 0.5, which is ideal for the female intimate area, which keeps the vagina fresh and healthy.

How intimate cleansing spray is different than the regular intimate cleansing washes?

Cleaning wash has to be taken in hand, add this to the target area along with water and rinse with fresh water, but spray does not need any water, it is completely hand-free. This can be extended at any time as per user convenience. It maintains the pH level and cleans thoroughly and maintains the vaginal flora balance. Also, prevents those intimate area to get dried and do not create warts or infections. The usage of intimate cleansing spray makes you feel fresh all the time, although this leads to stay active all day.

Who all can use the intimate spray?

Intimate spray should be used by any woman of the age when menstruation begins for better intimate hygiene. Irritation, dryness, inflammation, illness, hormone shifts – the intimate area is going through a lot, which is why you have to take an extra attention to pamper and protect the intimate area.

How to use an intimate cleansing spray?
  • Open the cap
  • Aim the spray actuator to intimate area
  • Press the actuator to dispense
  • Replace the cap
  • No water is required
  • It can be sued in 360-degree rotation
Why is it necessary to maintain an ideal pH balance for my intimate area?

The vagina has a normal defensive membrane that is acidic in nature to actually prevent infection. This layer is preserved when Lactic acid is formed by good bacteria called lactobacilli. This acid regulates the acidic atmosphere of the vagina (pH of 3.5 to 4.5). The acidic condition encourages the proliferation of lactobacilli and prevents the existence of harmful bacteria. Any improvement in this acidic atmosphere decreases the ability for bacteria to grow up and eliminates the possibility of infection.