About Shilpa Medicare

Shilpa Medicare Limited (SML) started its operations as API manufacturer way back in 1987 at Raichur, Karnataka- India. Commercial development in the SML began in November 1989. Today, Shilpa Medicare Limited is a major brand in the manufacture and supply of inexpensive APIs and Formulation in various regulated markets worldwide. We are currently one of the industry leaders in Oncology and deliver a full spectrum of products in this category ranging across APIs, both in terms of R&D and manufacturing capability. Further to the consolidation in the field of oncology APIs and formulations, we are committed to our work in the field of new drug delivery technologies and biotech drugs and to widening our attention to other fields of therapy. Where we are now has been the product of our relentless efforts for more than two decades. We are proud to share our journey from being a small start-up to a well-known establishment.

As a growing company, we are mindful that we cannot accomplish our targets on our own. It’s a moment of harmony and assimilation. We thus cooperate and operate in tandem with a wide number of trustworthy and like-minded collaborators and customers who can cultivate our ambitions. We are committed to excellence and superior standards in all fields of service and are committed to building value for all our stakeholders and partners.

We recognise business opportunities and get them up to date with swift decision-making, so as to allow timely introduction of inexpensive generics to meet vulnerable patients as soon as possible. We have experience and know-how in designing and manufacturing easy to complex products, ranging from APIs, formulations and new drug delivery systems.

In the direction of empowering modern women with good health and a better quality of life, Shilpa Medicare Limited is launching its Women’s Hygiene Brand – “SwatchShil”

Under this brand, SML brings a genuinely outstanding offering that not only takes care of women’s hygiene needs, but also adds confidence, inner elegance and feminine tenderness through an uncompromising mix of hygiene and self-care.