5 Vaginal Care Mistakes You Might Be Making

Your vagina can self-cleanse and maintain the vaginal pH between 3.8 to 4.5. However, there are inevitable mistakes that we commonly do, that might trigger bacterial growth, irritation and even infections down there. Vaginal infections can have several causes, including the overgrowth of bacteria and fungi. This blog helps us understand five mistakes that could affect your vaginal health, leading to infections. 

Using body soaps at vaginal area 

Even though vaginas are self-cleaning, it’s totally fine to clean your vulva and labia (the external parts of your vagina) with water alone when you’re cleaning the rest of your body with soap. These body Soaps or washes disrupt your vaginas natural pH balance and provoke bacterial and fungal infections. 

Cleaning your vagina too often 

 Washing your intimate area with regular soaps and even with intimate washes frequently can leave the area dry and itchy, eventually increasing the chances of infection. Use plain lukewarm water (not too hot or too cold) or water at room temperature to wash the region every time after peeing. Use intimate hygiene products if you feel like. 

Not changing sanitary pads frequently 

Using the same sanitary pad for a long duration can increase the risk of vaginal complications. To keep your vagina and intimate areas healthy, change your sanitary pad every 3-4 hours, irrespective of the level of soakage. We have many safe alternates other than sanitary pads like menstrual cups to reduce the risk of period rash infections, itching and irritation. 

Using hair removal cream frequently 

The vagina in itself does not have any hair. It’s the pubic region and parts of the labia that do have hair growth. Most of the hair removal creams available in the market have strong chemicals in a concoction that depilates the hair from the roots. Regular hair removal creams exclusively meant for the body and legs should never be used on the pubic hair due to higher risk of allergies, itching and lumpiness. Regular use of these creams or leaving the cream for a longer duration can cause rashes, vaginal discharge, irritation. We have a few other safer alternates like shaving, trimming, waxing. Nowadays, laser treatments are becoming popular because of their positive effect. 

Using talcum powder down there 

It is assumed that talcum powder containing even minor quantities of asbestos, a carcinogenic agent, increases the talcum particles’ chance to travel up the female reproductive tract through the vagina. This can increase the risk of cancer.  

Wearing tight-fitting clothes 

Tight jeans and dresses always seem to be in fashion. Also, nowadays we have a lot of varieties of fancy underwear. Synthetic materials like nylon or satin don’t allow the area to breathe. This traps heat and moisture, creating a perfect place for yeast infections. It is better to choose a breathable fabric like cotton for innerwear.  

Try to avoid these five mistakes and start using the intimate cleansing washes / intimate cleansing spray like Swatchshil to keep your intimate area balanced with the right pH and reduce the foul odour, irritation, itching down there. Shop now on Amazon / Flipkart / Myntra, or you can also purchase on www.shilpacare.in

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