5 vaginal care mistakes which you might be making

A lot of people think that the vagina is a self-cleaning organ, and although it’s true, it requires care as well. However, we end up making hygienic mistakes that might lead to many problems.

Usage of fragrant soaps

  • Soaps will destroy your normal self-cleaning intimate area and interrupt its pH levels, induce dryness and increase the chances of infection. Instead, you should use intimate cleansing sprays that are specially formulated to safely clean your intimate area while preserving its normal pH balance.

Touching it with filthy fingers

  • Clean your hands before touching your intimate area. Dirty hands are an open invitation to bacteria and viruses that will kill the flora of your vagina.

Sitting back a long time

  • Your intimate area needs a steady supply of air to keep it dry – remember that moisture can lead to all kinds of discomfort. Get up there and occasionally wander about. Plus, this is helpful to the overall well-being

Not peeing after having sex

  • Peeing after intercourse not only eliminates your chances of being infected with the UTI or urinary tract, but also cleans the bacteria that may linger in your intimate area

Wearing more of Silk & Satin Panties

  • Silk, satin and other panties may sound amazing, but they’re not right for your vagina. Cotton is breathable and keeps the skin moist and dry, helping to prevent bacteria from growing.

Wearing trousers that are too tight

  • Pants that are too tight, the volume of moisture in your intimate area while reducing the influx of air: the perfect location for bacteria to grow and induce irritation, smell and infection.