5 tips to care your vaginal flora

Vaginal flora, also known as the vaginal microbiome, is a common name for colonies of bacteria living within the vagina. Good, balanced vaginal flora is extremely essential to intimate health. Like the intestine, the vagina contains billions of bacteria and other microorganisms; some are good, some are bad, and some are benign. The types of bacteria present in the vaginal microflora can differ from woman to woman, but the vaginal microbiome is mainly a bacterial gene called Lactobacillus. Bad bacteria will develop in the vaginal flora for a variety of reasons: sexual intercourse, high-sugar diets, antibiotics and even stress are recognized as possible causes! This bad growth of bacteria will lead to vaginosis of the bacteria (BV) and Infections of yeast(thrush).

Tips to care your vaginal flora:

  • Use hot water or lukewarm water/flat, unperfumed soaps to softly wash the area around the vagina (vulva) every day.
  • Stop vaginal douches as they can be very intrusive
  • Stop using perfumed intimate products or perfumed toilet paper.
  • Practice safe sex, and use protection. Urinate immediately and wash the intimate area gently with water or use intimate cleansing spray.
  • Resist tight trousers and synthetic blends.
  • Eat fresh foods, including fresh fruit and vegetables, but keep an eye on your sugar consumption as it can feed the wrong form of bacteria in your body.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, share them and if possible, seek medical advice.